Fragments of Roman mosaics currently present in Attidium and Ostia Antica

In the previous article about the baths of Attidium I made the comparison between the photo in a brochure and the mosaics in Ostia Antica. The problem that I could not find the technical documentation of the photo, I’m not sure of its origin. So to be fair I’m writing this article. Here show you two photos one of a mosaic of Ostia Antica and the other a fragment of mosaic of the Baths of Attidium. For those who want to see the mosaic of Attidium, recommend you see it in person this Saturday, August 23, in fact, at 17 o’clock there will be a conference to illustrate the new archaeological campaign. After the visit to the new digs and the chance to see mosaics in the archaeological site. For more infomation about the baths, the program and how to get to Attiggio of Fabriano (AN) visit: . Finally I would like the similarity of the two mosaics I expressed a personal opinion, in addition to the conference speakers: dr. Alessio Pascolini, dr. Luca Boldrini who will illustrate the excavations there will be an expert on mosaics that will give us his professional opinion on the mosaic present in the Roman baths of Attidium.

Here above image of a portion of the mosaics of Attidium, reported by the old Facebook page, Gli Attidiati

Ostia antica - 010505 02 ostia antica

Paolo Carnevali

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