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Gaius Cesium Silvestre heroic centurion of Tuficum ,now in the territory of the Municipality of Fabriano, after being centurion in different legions : legionis Augustae II , IIII legionis Flaviae Firmae , legionis Gallicae III , VI legionis Ferratae , legionis XXX Ulpae Victricis , became ” primipilare ” legion , in practice he was the head of the first centurion of the first cohort , which is the head of all the centurions of the legion . This term can be translated as ” Colonel ,” according to the official . It was then prefect of the camp of the fourth legion Flavia (Flaviae Firmae)” praefecto castrorum legionis III Flaviae Firmae .” In practice, has fought all over the then known world from Britain to Mesia , Syria, Germany,has participated in the two current wars ordered by Emperor Trajan against Dacia and has got them the ” giving militaria ” they were the rewards granted to soldiers or military brave officers , they can be compared the medals which are awarded for acts of heroism to soldiers and officers of the armies of today. He held the role of Prefect of the Praetorian was personally appointed by the Emperor, in practice, had the command of the Praetorian Guard in Rome. The safety of Rome and the imperial family was entrusted to him and his Praetorian Guard . After his military career he had several administrative positions .

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