The prof. Oreste Marcoaldi had written the book “CANTI POPOLARI inediti UMBRI, LIGURI, PICENI, PIEMONTESI, LATINI” (“FOLK SONGS unpublished UMBRI, LIGURI, PICENI, PIEMONTESI, LATINI”) Genoa 1855, intended to leave to future generations a testimony a with a great historical value. People often underestimate the importance of popular songs, studying singing folkloric lets do understand the historical evolution of the place where it started. One of his careful analysis, it can make people understand social phenomena that have affected the region. The folk songs often have deep historical roots.For example, many believe that “Oh Susanna” song written by Stephen Foster and published in 1848, is the period the Far West. In fact, as explained at the conference on “archaic singing” organized by ASAC (Association for the Development of Choral Activities) in Lamon July 2005 by prof. Bon Paul and the master Luke Bonavia, this song was brought from the first English settlers who arrived in America, it was originally a song coming from the British Isles at that time was already very old. In the preface of the book on the folk songs of prof. Marcoaldi we talk about the difference between the songs populated Italian and those foreign ones. Those of our nation, unlike the others, consists mostly of love themes. In other countries the popular songs have evolved in a different way, just for example, to go to England and think a ballads or (folk) British ballads, or songs that deal with of heroic stories, that they are very common in northern Europe, in the Balkans and the Middle East. The folk songs are much more interesting than it sounds.

Paolo Carnevali (Taken from L’Azione 9/11/2013)

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