The traditions at Easter

There are many traditions for the feast of Easter in both Europe and the United States and around the world. Many of these are of pagan origin, celebrating the awakening of nature in spring. The egg is the symbol of rebirth and life, while the rabbit is a symbol of fertility. Then there is also the tradition of eating the lamb. All these traditions even if in a different way are spread worldwide. In Belgium and the southwest of France, according to tradition, the bunny brings Easter eggs to children. In the United States is very popular legendary the figure of the Easter Bunny, this figure in American culture, can be compared in some respects to Santa Claus. In Germany and France, on Easter Day often you eat a leg of lamb accompanied by beans. The Germans and Americans colored the hard-boiled eggs. A Fabriano was cooked hard-boiled eggs and lamb. From Thursday afternoon through Saturday of Holy Week, the bells did not sound. In the streets of Fabriano in the past, you could hear the sounds loud and annoying, made ​​by a crowd of boys with the “raganelle” e  “battistangole”. The “raganella” is shown in the photo at the top. This tradition not only served to remind the faithful to participate in the prayers and Mass, since the bells could not be used, but served to represent to the people what was narrated in the Gospel, in other words, the crash of the stones and the trembling of the earth at the hour of death of Jesus Christ.


Paolo Carnevali

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